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Cold War Berlin

The Allied Museum tells a unique story full of excitement and drama. Let's take a look back: in the summer of 1945, the troops of the USA, Great Britain, and France marched into Berlin as victors and occupiers. Along with their war ally, the Soviet Union, they both planned to occupy Germany, defeated in World War II, and liberate it from National Socialism. But a conflict ensued. The Western victorious powers wanted to rebuild Germany based on the their principles of freedom and democracy. But the Soviet Union considered a communist structure to be ideal. Berlin became the showplace of those conflicts which went down in history as the Cold War. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Allied Museum also features special exhibitions and organizes events with interesting contemporary witnesses. To learn more about this crucial period in world history, check out the Allied Museum!

Utrip Tips

*This museum houses the real Checkpoint Charlie building

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