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Berlin is a dynamic modern city, shaped as much by its tumultuous past as by its aspirations for a bright future. It’s a town of somber memorials and rollicking nightclubs, of sauerkraut and doner kebabs, of medieval stone buildings and cutting edge modern architecture. Each one of Berlin’s neighborhoods is like a city in itself, wrought from the distinctive people who have come to call it home: bureaucrats bustle past historical architecture in the Mitte district, Turkish immigrants play punk-rock jams in Kreuzberg’s trendy bars, and aspiring artists buy organic produce and vintage clothes in Prenzlauer Berg.

Today’s Berlin has something for every traveler. Art lovers will find some of Europe’s greatest museums here, from Mitte’s cozy galleries to the incredible Museum Island (complete with five museums and a UNESCO World Heritage status), as well as edgy and bazar local street art that's fills the city. History buffs will be astounded with the traces of Berlin's history throughout the city, from monuments like the Brandenburg Gate, to what's left of the fallen Berlin Wall, to the haunting, yet stunning Jewish Memorial, and so much more. Fun-loving backpackers can drink and dance in bars and clubs that buzz round-the-clock. Food-seekers will be hard-pressed to find a better town for eclectic eats, especially on a budget: currywurst stands and authentic doner perch on street corners, perfect pad Thai overflows from take-out boxes, and Turkish pizza stifles afternoon cravings. And overflowing litres of beer accompany everything, of course. Berlin is a city of constant surprises and rapid change, so come with an open mind and an appetite for culture and you'll be rewarded with an experience that no other city can give.



Winter Market

International Berlin Beer Festival


German Historical Museum

A Taste of German History

East Side Gallery

Marvel at the Murals

Konnopke's Imbiss

King of Street Food

Dicke Wirtin

German Food & Draft Beers

Tiergarten Quelle

Enormous Portions of Food

The Berlin Wall Memorial

Experience The Wall

Reichstag Building

A Political Landmark

Brandenburg Gate

A Symbol of Unification