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Home of Glitz and Ritz

Looking for a ritzy place to check out the best that Paris has to offer? The Place Vendôme contains some of the finest jewelry in Paris with some of the glitziest stores, hotels (the word ritzy comes from the nearby Ritz hotel), and celebrities. Being the home of Chopin and Chanel, the place is lined with jewelers and designer stores. The only two remaining designers that have been in the square since the 19th Century are Charvet and Chéruit but many others have joined them such as Tiffany and Co., Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and more. The square is also famous for its connection with the Paris Commune, where rioters tore down the central column in defiance of the emperor. However, you will notice upon visiting that the column was later re-erected. While the stores are expensive, window-shopping is free, and the nearby streets are lined with stores that are a bit less pricey.

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