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Paris, France

Le Café Richelieu/Angelina

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Paris' Finest

It's easy to spend all day at the Louvre, and that means you'll be requiring sustenance and almost definitely coffee at some point. Cafe Richilieu, located on the first floor of the Richilieu wing near the Napoleon III rooms, serves pastries from one of Paris' most famous tearooms, Angelina. In addition to tasty temptations like the classic chocolate eclair or the cafe's signature pastry the Mont-Blanc, a chestnut and cream concoction, there are also some less diabetes-inducing options, such as club sandwiches and salads. As with anything in the general vicinity of the Louvre, it's more than a bit touristy, but you might as well sit back and enjoy the view of the courtyard and glass pyramid as long as you're there.

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