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Gourmet Food and a Party

L'Arc is one of the greatest ideas in Paris. You can party hard with your friends, and when you get hungry, you just have to walk ten feet for gourmet food that will fuel you back up to party again. L'Arc is a restaurant and club rolled into one. This place is very upscale as well. If you can afford to get in, you definitely should take advantage. The food is delicious (a must try is the chicken topped with homemade peanut sauce) and the club part of the place perfect for dancing the night away. The attire is formal, they might not let you in if you don't dress the part.

Utrip Tips

*Reservations are recommended, or be prepared to wait in a long line. The door staff are notorious for being selective and at times rude so if you don't want to put up with it, we recommend you go elsewhere. 

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