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Upscale Brasserie

While the reputation has got around and it’s no longer a hidden gem (and don't be surprised if you hear the waiters sing the Happy Birthday song in English), this famous upscale Parisian brasserie continues to serve exquisite French and international fare. It has become a quintessential symbol of Montparnasse’s history, thanks to its impeccably beautiful décor; besides the masterpiece on the dome, it’s even got a sculpture in the room. Historically it has been a popular meeting place for artists and politicians alike. Come for its Art Deco setting and indulge yourself with its seasonal dishes. Some of their specialties include the seafood platter, fresh oyster shots, and the sirloin steak. Try their Charolais beef tartare and finish your meal with the Crème brûlée with Bourbon vanilla or the lemon-mint sorbet.

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