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Nice, France

Avenue Jean-Médecin

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Spontaneous Sightseeing

The Avenue Jean Médecin is a great place to check out both tourist-friendly shops and local flavors. Test your film knowledge (or gain some more) in one of two cinemas, snack at a street cafe, and visit the Etoile shopping center to put a dent in those travel savings.

The south end of the street features the Lafayette shopping center as well, which is housed in Turin-style buildings reminiscent of Nice's Italian past. You'll find everything from big international chains to small boutique shops—and if shopping is not your thing, sight seeing and people-watching is always a great way to spend an afternoon.

Utrip Tips

*Don't be afraid to stretch first if you're in shopping mode.
*If you want a place to start, check out the legendary department store Galleries Lafayette.

Open in Google Maps: Avenue Jean Médecin, 06000

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