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Aloft And Underground

Kiek in de Kok is an eastern European nickname for towers in general, meaning 'Peep into the kitchen', a reference to the potential for spying on neighbors from a tower.

The one in Tallinn, very quaint from the outside, is a rare remnant of the ancient city fortifications, housing a museum and a pleasant café at the top. It's quite an arduous climb, but the views over the winding city alleys is worth the effort. You can learn about the city's history from the exhibits, and reward yourself with a drink and a snack whilst enjoying the view from the top.

From the same spot, you can take a guided tour down below round the Bastion tunnels and learn about their use through the ages up until the 20th century. Be warned, it's cold underground!

Open in Google Maps: Komandandi 2, Tallinn

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