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London, England

Mayfair & Piccadilly Clubs

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Like many areas of London, Mayfair boasts a large selection of lively nightclubs and lounges. But, this area stands out from others in that it is home to some of London’s most upscale nightclubs. If you’re looking for a night of extravagant partying, check out Funky Buddha. This club is on the expensive side, but is totally worth the money. Funky Buddha’s exquisite drinks and sensational R&B music will keep you dancing long through the night. Another happening dance club is the sophisticated Anaya. At Anaya, guests can enjoy a mix of R&B, dance, and house music while sipping a glass of fine champagne. For those hoping to dance to more eclectic beats, The Cuckoo Club is the place to be. This hip lounge offers a unique atmosphere with its modernly decorated interior and LED light shows. If upscale partying isn’t for you, Mayfair has many affordable clubs, such as The Loop, that still promise a great night. The Loop is an unpretentious dance club playing the best of the 70’s and 80’s. Whether you’re looking for a night of extravagance or just wanting a place to dance, Mayfair has plenty of clubs to choose from.

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*Anaya *The British Luxury Club *The Cuckoo Club *FunkyBuddha *The Loop *Jalouse *Zinc *Rusty Nail 

*Note that some venues are member-only clubs. You can stand in line, but it is not guaranteed you will get in.

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