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London, England

Lord's Cricket Ground Tour

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Cost: $23.44 USD (18.00 GBP)

Jiminy Cricket!

Probably the most sacred ground in all of cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground isn’t to be missed if you’re looking to take a deep dive in London—and a good deal of the world’s—sporting culture. Dating all the way back to 1814 (which, for the record, is older than 31 of the states), while some pitches have sporting heritage, it’s pretty safe to say that this has some of the most you’ll find anywhere. Whether you’re in town for a match or you’re just taking a tour, a trip to Lord’s Cricket Ground should add heaps of sporting culture to your London trip plan—and maybe teach you a thing or two about the world’s second most watched sport.

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*They aren't terribly frequent, check to see if there's a match on while you're in town.

Open in Google Maps: Saint John's Wood Road London

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