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Harrods is the largest department store in all of Europe, which makes sense, being that it operates under the motto “Omnia Omnibus Ubique” (meaning, “All things for all people, everywhere”). If the sheer size of Harrods does not impress you, then surely its incredible array of products will. From jeans to sports wear, to fine wines to scuba equipment, and to TVs and live animals, this five-story, colossal department store has just about anything you’re looking for. Still not convinced? Harrods sold a real live lion cub in 1969. While Harrods’ ‘Pet Kingdom’ is now limited to the sale of much tamer animals, the store is definitely worth a visit, simply to experience how incredibly extravagant it is.

Utrip Tips

*Harrods is also home to several restaurants, each of which offers a unique style of cuisine*On Sundays, browsing is only allowed between 11:30-12:00

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