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Food Art

Dabbous is one of London's premier fine dining restaurants serving creative tastes that are equally as beautiful as they are delicious. Each dish is truly a work of art, with gorgeous color combinations and presentations that an artist would find inspiring simply gazing at each plate. The flavors, however, are just as impressive as the presentation. Chefs combine fresh ingredients in innovative and unique ways that undergo scrupulous experimentation before getting added to the menu. The menu is a set so be ready for anything. The atmosphere at Dabbous is modern and industrial meets chic and refined. For a truly unique and wonderful dining experience Dabbous is a must try on your London trip plan.

Utrip Tips

*Reservations are NECESSARY! Seriously, this is a very popular and reputable restaurant and we recommend making reservations months in advance if possible.

Open in Google Maps: 39 Whitfield St

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