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Home of the British Monarchy

Built as a townhouse in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham and later expanded by George III, Buckingham Palace now serves as the principal residence and office of the British monarch. Located in Westminster, the palace is a setting for many a state occasion and remains a symbol of royal hospitality. Often a focus for the British populace in times of crisis and celebration, Buckingham Palace remains one of the most iconic buildings and one of the most popular tourist attractions in England. Legendary are the Buckingham Palace guards, with the red suits and tall, bearskin hats. Just remember, you can look, but don't touch. The famous guard-changing ceremony happens at 11:30 AM every day from May through July, and on alternating days throughout the rest of the year, and is definitely something worth seeing.

Utrip Tips

*If you want a good view of the "Changing the Guard" ceremony, be sure to arrive early.

*Year Round you are able to tour The Queen's Gallery and The Mews but only when the Queen is out of town can you view the rest of the palace. These days are called "Royal Day Out" and most often occur during the summer.

*For more information about tours click here.

*Be prepared for long lines but no worries, these lines move very fast.

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