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The Rundetaarn is a 17th century tower in the center of Copenhagen, topped by the world's oldest functioning astronomical observatory, where you can still stargaze to this day.

Open to the public with a small admission fee, the tower is unique, in that you walk to the top by way of a spiral ramp 209 meters long, rather than the more usual spiral staircase. Plans for an elevator running up the central space were abandoned when it was realized that there would only be room for the liftman and one guest at a time.

Visitors have travelled up on wheels from time to time, including Peter the Great's Tsarina, in a horse-drawn carriage, a couple of visitors who drove up in motor cars, and various cyclists. A unicycle race to the top still takes place every spring.

From the viewing level, you can see the rooftops of the town, and on a good day, across to Sweden.

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*If you're keen on a little stargazing, here's the observatory's schedule.

Open in Google Maps: 52A Købmagergade, Copenhagen

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