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Reinventing Cuisine

Is this truly "the best restaurant in the world"? Many say so - and the two Michelin stars support them - while others say that it not possible to compare, let alone rank, those few restaurants of this caliber. Whatever the temptation to give a title such as that to Noma, it is certainly without a doubt the restaurant to which people from around the world literally make it their sole destination in Copenhagen. Credited with reinventing Nordic food, the philosophy of chef René Redzepi is to use only local - in the broader Scandinavian scope, which includes Iceland and the Faeroe Islands - ingredients for his creations. Needless to say, it is necessary to book far in advance for a table and to simply ignore the check; both time and money are not at issue here.

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*To make reservations, go here (don't send them an email).

Open in Google Maps: Strandgade 93, Copenhagen

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