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Baroque Gone Broke

The district of Frederiksstaden and the church Frederiks Kirke were both named after the absolute monarch King Frederik, and were designed to celebrate 300 years of rule by the royal dynasty. The church was to be the focal point of the new neighborhood, and in 1749, the foundation stone was laid.

Sadly, funds ran dry, partly because the plans to build entirely from marble were highly extravagant, and the church was left as a ruin for 150 years. When work started again in the late 19th century, much of the work was completed in granite rather than marble, but the impressive church is still commonly known as the marble church.

The original baroque design, based on Saint Peter's in Rome, was preserved as far as possible, and the dome is the largest in Northern Europe.

Open in Google Maps: 4 Frederiksgade, Copenhagen

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