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Today: 9:30am-7:00pm
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Cost: $6.27 USD (40.00 DKK)

Don't Look Down!

Visiting the Church of Our Saviour is a great experience, or rather, two experiences in one, as the church and the tower, designed by different architects in different centuries, provide distinct pleasures.

The main body of the church, designed for the new town of Christianshavn in the 17th century is a luxuriant baroque feast of a spectacle, with ornate gold decorations and brilliantly colored paintings everywhere you look. The huge organ and the sensational altarpiece by Nicodemus Tessin are notable.

The tower, built a century later, isn't for acrophobics. It's 90 meters high, and the final section of the staircase actually winds round the outside of the spire in an ever decreasing spiral, a genuinely hair-raising experience. Happily, it's possible to reach the viewing platform without subjecting yourself to the outside section.

Utrip Tips

*Cost and hours are for the spire; the church itself is open from 11:00–3:30 except during services.

Open in Google Maps: 29 Sankt Annæ Gade, Copenhagen

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