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Flavors of the World

Sansho represents a beautiful fusion of different Asian flavors and techniques as it seamlessly collides with Czech tradition. With dishes like pork belly with watermelon or roasted duck, it's hard to say exactly where this cuisine is from. Regardless of its origin, there's no denying that the flavors, presentation, and innovations are truly impressive. Head Chef Paul Day has traveled all around the world and has learned cooking techniques from traditional Cantonese, to Japanese, to Czech and he beautifully combines his experience and knowledge in order to bring patrons unique and mouthwatering concoctions. At Sansho, the ingredients are always seasonal so the menu is ever changing. For a truly delicious and one of a kind experience, dine at Sansho and enjoy the flavors of the world.

Open in Google Maps: Sansho, Petrská 25, 110 00 Praha

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