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The Czech Republic’s capital is a compelling combination of old-world charm and post-communism modernity. For many travelers, Prague’s Central European location and its daunting-looking language can make it seem less accessible than the big cities in Western Europe. In reality, Prague is no more intimidating than any other European destination, and it offers travelers incredible sights, wonderful food lots of beer, and a totally unique cultural experience, all at very affordable prices. The sights, sounds, and tastes of Prague can easily fill a three-day travel plan, yet a longer stay will allow for a broader look at this rich and vibrant city.  

Unlike many other major European destinations, Prague was left relatively unscathed by the scourge of World War II, so its alluring medieval center remains intact. The city’s Old Town is the focal point for most visitors, with its magical market square (now filled with cafés, not produce stalls), dramatic facades, and the best Jewish quarter in Europe. Across the cobbled Charles Bridge that spans the Vltava River, the hilltop Castle Quarter shows off a magnificent cathedral (with panoramic views from its tower) and one of the oldest and biggest castles in the world. Compared to those in Western Europe, tour guides are a great bang for your buck in Prague, offering low hourly rates, insider information, and genuine interaction with the locals.


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