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What a Dive

"What a dive" might be a phrase that comes out of your mouth in regards to crappy bars, but it is also what you will say after a scuba diving excursion to the Superior Producer. The cargo ship sank in 1976 and provided quite the fun for the inhabitants of Curacao (the cargo ship was overloaded with crates of clothes and whiskey) and continues to do so for visitors to Curacao.

There might not be any free clothes to be found in the wreck today, but the sight of the boat's bow materializing out of the blue will fill you with awe. The ship is now covered in vivid corals an sponges and teems with sea life. The Superior Producer should not be missed.

Utrip Tips

*Although this is typically a shore dive, that's usually only a good idea for advanced divers. Some local companies offer guided dives (Ocean Encounters and Relaxed Guided Dives, just to name a few), but those are typically offered in the off-season (July–November).

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