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Chichi® Central!

A thoroughly unique attraction on Curacao's east side, Serena's Art Factory—established by German expat artist Serena Janet Israel—produces and sells handmade, hand-crafted artwork while offering workshops and tours for visitors.

The factory's best-known creations are the Chichis®, Israel's version of a well-known Caribbean character, a voluptuous and vivacious "big sister" (Chichi, in Papiamentu). Master craftspeople produce Chichi® sculptures and figurines of all sizes in the Art Factory, and they're painted by skillful Curacao women. You can tour the factory and take home your very own Chichi® or other souvenir. And if you want to paint your a Chichi® for yourself, Serena's Art Factory offers hands-on workshops (both walk-in sessions and reservable private/group sessions) in its luxuriant garden.

Open in Google Maps: Jan louis 87a, Willemstad

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