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Picturesque Punda

Punda is the historic center of Willemstad, a major shopping area ever since the town was built in the 17th century. The harbor then was thronged with boats trading in all sorts of goods, and warehouses, still standing today, were built along the waterfront.

Behind them, there's a network of narrow, quaint, pedestrianized streets, lined by all sorts of interesting little shops, selling everything from hand-crafted items to Japanese electronics. It's a lively area, with late-night shopping on Thursdays, featuring attractions like live street music, art walks, traditional dancers, and even fireworks.

Utrip Tips

*While you're here, check out Penha, the famous fragrance store located in an iconic and beautiful yellow building.
*If you want, there's a art, craft, and cuisine route you cake take to hone in on local wares.

Open in Google Maps: Breedestraat, Willemstad

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