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Gently Does It

This small beach on a private plantation is an easy place to dive from, but it lacks facilities, so anything that you might need at the beach, you have to bring with you.

There's a sandy beach with a gentle slope into the water. You have to swim quite far to get to the drop off point, which again is more of a slope than a drop. Swimming along, you'll see a fairly dense coral reef, interspersed with sand, and a good variety of sponges of various types, notably Yellow Boring Sponge. Pick a landmark on the beach to make for on your return, as it's easy to get mixed up on this gently sloping terrain and find yourself emerging from the water at the wrong spot.

Utrip Tips

*You'll have to pay a parking fee at the entrance.
*There's a lot of good shore diving around here (including the other San Juan Beaches, Playa Manzaliña and Playa Largu).
*Remember to bring your food, water, and sunscreen!

Open in Google Maps: Playa Shon Mosa, Curaçao

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