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Specialty Sponges

The name Playa Largu suggests a beach and in Papiamentu, the local language, it means a 'broad beach', but that's misleading. There isn't really a beach here, in terms of a sandy expanse, just a stretch of coral rubble, but it's a great place for a shore dive.

The reefs are very close to shore here, but you don't have to swim far to reach the drop-off, a 45 degree slope. Underwater, you can see some of the sand that's missing from the beach and an amazing variety of sponges, including elephant ear sponges, rope sponges, stove-pipe sponges, vase sponges, barrel sponges and encrusting sponges. You probably never knew there were so many types of sponge.

It's a lovely, quiet, unspoiled spot too.

Utrip Tips

*You'll have to pay a parking fee at the entrance.
*There's a lot of good shore diving around here (including the other San Juan Beaches, Playa Manzaliña and Playa Shon Mosa).
*Be sure to pack your food, water, and sunscreen!

Open in Google Maps: Playa Largu, San Juan, Curaçao

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