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Snorkel the Day Away

Playa Grandi, also called Playa Piskado, is a fetching nook of a beach on Curacao's northwestern shore. Fishermen ply the waters as you spend some quality time in the shade, trying to wrap your head around the almost unbelievable hue of the lapping Caribbean at your feet. Bring a picnic—or patronize the weekend snack bar—and the scene's just about perfect.

That's not all: The sheltered cove waters of Playa Grandi host some outstanding snorkeling. You've got a decent chance of spotting a sea turtle or two here, not to mention whole cavalcades of tropical fish.

Utrip Tips

*There might be some local vendors around selling tasty food.
*Be sure to pack your food, water, and sunscreen!

Open in Google Maps: Playa Grandi, Westpunt, Curaçao

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