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Road's End Beach

Take in the sunset from Kokomo Beach, a palm-dotted swath of sand ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and toasting day's end with a tropically flavored cocktail or beer. Whether you spend most of your time here basking in a beach chair or communing one-on-one with the Caribbean waters, you're sure to fall under the breezy, balmy spell of Curacao's western seacoast.

Kokomo Beach hosts plenty of seaside parties, but it's just as satisfying on a quiet afternoon when you're doing nothing more wild and crazy than studying the patterns of the breakers and humming along to the music of the palm fronds.

Utrip Tips

*If you're here on a full moon (and you like live DJs), check out their Full Moon Party.
*If you're looking for a good place to dive, check out the car wrecks; you can get there from here, but you'll probably want an approved guide to show you the way. And be warned: it's a long surface swim.

Open in Google Maps: Kokomo Beach Curacao

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