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An Island's Island Escape

Less than 10 miles off Curacao, the aptly named Klein Curacao is a small deserted islet boasting a lonesome lighthouse, lonesome shipwrecks, (beautifully) lonesome beaches, and quite a lot of history.

Farmers grazed goats here, miners hauled out phosphate, and the Dutch West India Company quarantined slaves newly arrived to the Caribbean from Africa here—and more than a few are buried under this ground. Klein Curacao is also the stomping ground, they say, of a particular phantom: that of an English sea captain who allegedly stranded here and died in the 1800s. Intrigued yet?

Utrip Tips

*Try Mermaid Boat Trips or Bounty Adventures to get out here; they provide lunch and everything.
*Be sure to pack your food, water, and sunscreen!

Open in Google Maps: Little Curacao, Curaçao

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