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But Diver's Heaven!

There are actually a few different explanations for the origin of this awesome west-shore dive spot's name: Some claim it was the powerful currents that bedeviled the original dive site on the reef (the present buoy marks substantially more placid waters), while others suggest it was the reefs outlandish corals and sea fans and the plentiful lurking sea beasties that earned it the "Hell's Corner" moniker. Regardless, any visitor to this wonderland of a coral wall realizes it's anything but hellish.

Multiple species of moray eel, sleek and streamlined barracudas, convolutions of brain coral, well-armored spiny lobsters, the occasional sea turtle: The Hell's Corner wall truly abounds with life. Hell's a hard place to tear yourself away from, as it turns out.

Utrip Tips

*Mako's Mountain is just to the southeast and the Black Coral Reef is around the corner to the northwest.

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