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Subterranean Splendor

Taking a tour of the Hato Caves in central Curacao is a lesson in both history and geology—and an immersion in some of the island's most astonishing scenery. Downright Gothic-looking with their plentiful stalagmites and stalactites, these caverns also seem to drip history: More than 1,000 years ago, the native Arawaks etched petroglyphs on these shadowy walls, while in more recent times, during the colonial era, escaped slaves sought refuge—sometimes for long, dark months—here.

Marvel at subterranean formations such as the Pirate's Head and the Sea Tortoise as you reflect on the Hato Caves' human story: Turns out going underground in Curacao is just as fulfilling as heading for the beach.

Utrip Tips

*Keep your eyes peeled for Kueba di Brua, a cave where they used to do Voodoo rituals.

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