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Dive Into the Diversity of Offshore Curacao

Explore the watery side of Curacao off the beach of Playa Kalki in Westpunt with Go West Diving. The experienced divers here will take you to their house reef to see the wild and diverse marine population there. Watch as tropical fish, turtles, lobsters, and morays swim past coral formations in the clear blue water.

The dive center also offers boat dives to the more popular marine sites in Curacao like the Mushroom Forest, Black Coral Garden, and Watamula, the most northern dive site on the island. Snorkeling trips are also given twice a week as well as a trip to Klein Curacao, a small deserted island off Curacao where you can take two boat dives and feast on barbecue on the sandy beach.

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*You can get certified, rent, or go on a guided trip; check it out and see what makes the most sense for you.

Open in Google Maps: Sabana Westpunt, Curaçao

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