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On-the-Water New Year's Rave

One of Curacao's biggest annual parties goes down the first Sunday of the year on Fuik Bay: Fuik Day! Think of it as one giant, floating ringing-in of the New Year: Boats and other inflatables cram into the bay, packed with revelers and fueled (it seems) by plenty of booze.

Some talented DJs engage inon-the-water turntabling, adding an appropriately festive soundtrack to the affair. Fuikdag isn't something you can drive to: You've got to hitch a ride to the festivities via boat. If you can get out here, though, you'll find one heck of a homegrown party waiting for you. A Caribbean New Year shebang, Curacao-style!

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*You can't drive here, so you'll have to hitch a ride on a boat.

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