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Quad Touring

Looking for a Curacao tour that's a little bit different? Consider Erik's ATV Adventures, which gives you the chance to motor across the hardscrabble landscapes of the island in a suitably rugged four-wheeler. The company offers its tours to both experienced ATV-ers and utter newbies, so fear not if you've never hopped aboard one of these go-anywhere vehicles.

The outfit's flagship tour is the off-road foray to Curacao's east, which takes in hilltop vistas, caves, and a rest stop (with refreshments) at a lovely aloe-vera plantation. Other packages give you the chance to combine four-wheeling with snorkeling. There's even a non-ATV "Party Bike" for fun and lively tours of Punda.

Utrip Tips

*They have an East Tour, a West Tour (the longest), and a snorkeling/ATV combination tour.
*They also have a party bike.

Open in Google Maps: Willemstad, Curaçao

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