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Dramatic Diving

The boat diving off Eastpoint ranks among the best anywhere in Curacao. The reef's dense-packed corals, sponges, and sea fans create some fantastical and multicolored underwater terrain. Besides swarms of reef fish, lurking morays, lightfooted octopi, and other small coral denizens, the Eastpoint dive offers the chance to potentially glimpse bigger quarry: sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and the other pelagic beasts that periodically patrol this pristine reef complex.

If you're a scuba fanatic hungry for immersion in the Caribbean's marine biodiversity, Eastpoint makes an excellent destination. You never know what you might see in these clear depths...

Utrip Tips

*There's a really great dive to Basora off of the beach. Just watch out: the currents can change quickly.
*This is much more geared to diving than it is to sun bathing.

Open in Google Maps: Eastpoint, Curaçao

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