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Beautiful Isolation

A series of wave-battered coves (or bokas) cut Curacao's lovely northeastern coast, and the two most northerly—Dos Boka and Un Boka—make for lovely and farflung hiking destinations. The trek's a good add-on for outdoorspeople who've explored the other coves of Shete Boka National Park (which includes Dos Boka).

The scenery's striking, with desolate uplands easing down to the cliffy ledges, pounding waves, and tantalizing skyline of the rough shore. Make the trek to Dos Boka and Un Boka to enjoy a beautifully lonesome stretch of Curacao coast that feels worlds away from the island's jampacked beaches.

Utrip Tips

*Un Boka is the cove to the northwest. Mind your step!

Open in Google Maps: Bandabou, Curaçao

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