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History-Haunted Woods

Once a camp for African slaves brutally shipped into the New World, then a manicured, fountained greenspace, Den Dunki National Park offers visitors a glimpse into history of both the human and the natural varieties.

The "Slave Bridge" is among the few remaining landmarks from the acreage's ugly colonial past—a site for quiet and sober reflection amid the park's tangled thorn and cactus woods.Besides the Slave Bridge, the bird-rich forest, and the trickling streams, you can take in the area's resident flamingos, which prance and preen on a broad, shallow lake edging the park.

Utrip Tips

*There's an old Air Aruba plane that's slowly being taken over by the jungle somewhere around here. Check at the foot of the mountains.

Open in Google Maps: Den Duki National Park, Curaçoa

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