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Scenic, Swoonworthy Surf

Curacao beaches don't get much prettier or more satisfying than Daaibooi, which backdrops its much-loved sands with a striking cliff-to-swells panorama. Suit up in snorkel or scuba gear and explore the varied, multichrome corals and reef-cruising fish under the nearshore waters, or just lounge awhile in the warm surf.

You can also hike up into the cactussy hills flanking the beach for some fabulous views down the limestone cliffs into the turquoise shallows—a great excursion for the nature lover. (Speaking of nature, loggerhead sea turtles nest at Daaibooi—a precious piece of Curacao natural heritage.) With concessions near at hand and its uniquely sheltered and scenic setting, Daaibooi is liable to draw you back more than once.

Open in Google Maps: Daaibooibaai, Curaçao

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