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Friendly Flock

You probably won't spend too long in Curacao before hearing about the Ostrich Farm, and for good reason: This is one of the island's singular attractions. Almost like a transplanted chunk of South Africa plunked down in the Southern Caribbean, the farm is home to a big and boisterous flock of ostriches—not to mention Nile crocodiles and a few non-African critters, including the ostrich's Down Under counterpart, the emu.

Tour the farm and you can see everything from titanic ostrich eggs and rambunctious hatchlings to the towering adults, which might as well be dinosaurs. If you want to explore the world's largest bird in another dimension, the on-site Restaurant Zambezi offers ostrich steaks, burgers, and omelets. The Ostrich Farm also offers four-wheeler tours into the surrounding hinterland, which includes some striking arid countryside and a rocky seacoast.

Utrip Tips

*They have both an ostrich safari and their quad tour.

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