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Homegrown Spirits

One of Curacao's best-known exports is its very own native liqueur, one flavored using the aromatic dried-up peels of the lahara fruit (and often dyed a blue worthy of the Caribbean deeps). This island citrus descends from Valencia oranges planted long ago by the Spanish, then abandoned when Curacao's dry and demanding climate wreaked havoc on their sweetness. Thankfully, local residents ultimately discovered that lahara, while not particularly edible, has a plenty worthy alternative use.

You can tour the Curacao Liqeuer Factory at the historic Landhuis Chobolobo in either self-guided or guided fashion. Naturally the tour involves a tasting—and, in the guided packages, the opportunity to enjoy a Curacao liqueur cocktail and house gelato!

Utrip Tips

*The basic tour is self-guided (and free!) and includes a tasting. Check out the other tours to make sure you get the right experience.

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