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Curacao's Natural Wonderland

Christoffelpark is Curacao's premier terrestrial nature reserve, a place every island visitor should make an effort to visit. For one thing, the park includes Curacao's highest peak: 1,220-foot Christoffelberg, reachable by a strenuous trail with a major panoramic payoff. Then there's the ecological mosaic: exotic stands of columnar cacti, laidback and lumbering iguanas, retiring Curacao white-tailed deer (a unique subspecies), and much more. And there's history on display, too, as Christoffelpark includes several historic plantations, such as Savonet.

The trail to Christoffelberg's summit is only one of several hiking routes in the park, and meanwhile there are plenty of guided activities on offer, including eco-oriented pickup safaris, sunrise/sunset drives, and ranger-led outings specifically aimed at finding deer.

Utrip Tips

*There are tons of hikes and roads you can take to explore the park!
*Don't forget to pack a lunch if you plan on sticking around a while.

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