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Hideaway Beach

Set off a private road and thus best reached by foot or (especially) boat, Boka Hulu is a farflung beach in Curacao's northwest that provides a secluded jumping-off point for some excellent shore diving. The Black Coral Garden, the Sponge Forest, and other primo sites lie within fairly easy reach.

For a quiet, out-of-the-way Curacao beach with some stellar underwater access, make the trek to Boka Hulu! It might just fulfill that personal little vision of a Caribbean paradise you've been toting around in that noggin of yours for years.

Utrip Tips

*This place is really secluded, but there's some amazing diving nearby; check out the Sponge Forest, REDIHO, and the Black Coral Garden.

*The road coming in is private (and therefore inaccessible). While you can hike, you can also take a boat over; check with Capt. Goodlife on Playa Santa Cruz to see if you can get a lift.

Open in Google Maps: Boka Hulu, Curaçao

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