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Your Caribbean Gelato Connection

Gelato in Curacao? But of course! Gelati Bella Italia brings some of the fine flavors of the Boot to the ABC Islands, serving that absolutely irresistible Italian ice cream along with freshly roasted coffee and thin-crust pizza. In addition to more traditional gelatos, the parlor offers specialties such as the "Spaghetti Cup" (ice cream and toppings decked out to look like a heapful of pasta) and the nutty Coppa Caramello, plus smoothies, milk shakes, and yogurt.

Being able to enjoy a slice of pizza, a cup of Italian caffe, and a dish of tongue-tingling gelato in the Caribbean sunshine of Curacao—that's a geographical mashup you ought to make some time for!

Open in Google Maps: Jan Thiel Beach, Curacao

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