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Sacred Site

Curacao has hosted an important Jewish population since the 17th century, and their story is part of the wonderfully multidimensional cultural fabric that makes up this Southern Caribbean isle. Delve into that story at the Beth Haim ("House of Life") Cemetery, established back in 1659. The cemetery includes some 5,000 graves, roughly half of which come marked with gravestones; many of these date from the 1600s and 1700s.

You can dip deep into the past by studying the tombstones' epitaphs on a tour of the Beth Haim Cemetery, which also includes a pair of striking vintage buildings: the Casa de Rodeos (built circa 1726), or "House of the Circuits," and the Cazinha dos Cahanim (circa 1856), installed so Jewish priests could witness burials without entering the cemetery, which is forbidden to them.

Utrip Tips

*Give a call to reserve a tour and get a bit more history about the Sephardic Jews in the region.

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