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Beautiful Buddhist Temple

This large and architecturally stunning Chinese Buddhist temple is an active monastery that welcomes visitors. Their stated goal is to "provide visitors with a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for spiritual purification." To avoid large crowds, so the monks can go about their duties, the monastery has established a booking system; you will need to apply in advance for entrance on a particular day. Once there, you can stroll the grounds and view the various halls, built in the ancient, austere style of the Tang, Northern Song, Liao and Jin dynasties. Festivals, rituals, medication retreats, chanting groups and lecture programs are also available for anyone interested in exploring Buddhism. Keep in mind that this is an active monastery, so guests are requested to follow simple, basic rules: Keep your voice low, dress appropriately and do not bring alcohol, meat, tobacco or pets (except for guide dogs).

Business Information:

Today: 9:30am-5:00pm
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here. * In order to preserve the peace of the monastery, bookings have become required and can be made here.

* Pre-trip guidelines can be found

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