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Befuddlingly Good Street Food

Outdoor food stalls - dai pai dong - are a vanishing tradition in HK, but Sing Heung Yuen's "aunties" (it's a very respectful term) keep on serving their famous dishes in this little sidewalk place - with a smile. Stand in line (don't worry how long it seems; it moves fast), place your order and find a seat. The food at a glance resembles the panicked fodder of a hungry stoner with little left in the fridge, yet it's...befuddling good? Instant noodles in tomato sauce topped with pork cubes and luncheon meat, crispy toast coated in condensed milk, all washed down with a salty seven-up with lemon. The food doesn't sound exactly... authentic, but you'd be surprised - for folks who have lived in the city for generations, this is comfort food from their childhood. The aunties also serve up a wonderful multi-cooked lemon honey crispy bun that will bring a big grin to your face.

Business Information:

Today: 8:00am-5:30pm
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