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The Garden of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has the reputation - and rightfully so - as one of the most densely populated, urbanized areas in the world, filled with high-rise buildings and bustling streets. Sai Kung, a rural region in the New Territories, offers a peaceful respite from the center of Hong Kong. Originally a fishing village when the colony was first established, the locals still zealously guard their traditions as fishermen and owners of small seafood restaurants. Explore the stalls along the coast - one even boasts a Michelin star (we won't tell you which one - discover it for yourself!) To experience the true nature of Sai Kung, hire a boat to take you to some of the more than 70 islands off the coast. There are a number of small islands that are called Volcanic Rock Region, which offer stunning vistas. Or take a picnic and spend an hour or two on a beach as you enjoy fresh, fresh seafood while looking out over the water.

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