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Earn the Sunrise

The tallest peak on Lantau Island, this mountain is famous for its beautiful sunrises. The mountain, also called Fang Wong Shan ("Phoenix Mountain"), it offers a magnificent opportunity to see the morning views of Hong Kong. There are many ways to get to the top of the mountain, but most enthusiasts want to climb the trails to the top of the mountain. Some are harder than other, some trails are easier; check with local guides to give you the opportunity to see this beautiful peak within your own physical ability. However you choose to reach the peak, the view is most definitely worth it.

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Utrip Tips

* If you wish to arrive by sunrise, you'll likely have to leave around 4am to reach the summit by 6am. You may want to consider staying in nearby Ngong Ping if this is the case.

* There are two trailheads, one near Ngong Ping village and one at Pak Kung Au. Ngong Ping trailhead is a more direct, steeper, and more difficult route than more gradual Pak Kung Au.

Open in Google Maps: Lantau Peak Trailhead

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