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Do you want a billionaire's view of Hong Kong, but at a hundred-millionth of the cost? Go to the International Finance Centre Building 2 (called the IFC 2 by Hong Kong residents) in the Central District, get on the elevator and go up to the rooftop. Any visitor to the city should treat themselves to this special experience. Don't let the fact that the IFC is home to the Four Seasons Hotel put you off. You can indulge yourself - and your date - with a dinner in one of the many restaurants and bars on the rooftop of this tall, elegant building. Or, just grab some take-out, a bottle of wine and picnic, enjoying the views of the Harbor and the Central City on a backpackers budget.

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* There are loads of wonderful rooftop restaurants and bars perched atop the IFC in the rooftop garden, but the budget savvy traveler will be thrilled to find out that you're welcome to BYO and picnic in the garden. Million dollar views on a budget!

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