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A City Within the City

This large, multi-block high-rise building on Nathan Road in Kowloon is famous - or infamous, depending upon your threshold for dodgy locales - as a center for guesthouses, shops and restaurants (and former hub of all things ilicit). It's a cross-road, of sorts, for budget travelers and those seeking the least expensive eateries and stores. With numerous guest houses, offering a total of about 2,000 rooms, you'll find people from around the world who are stopping by on their way through Hong Kong. The shops also offer a wide range of products - but beware of knock-offs and (we're sorry to say) count your change carefully. It may not be for everyone, but it's got a colorful place of Hong Kong's history.

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Utrip Tips

* Though ChungKing Mansions are full of money exchange booths, do yourself a favor and don't exchange any money here.

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