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"A Friend Sent Me..."

There is a place - a bar, a club, a retreat - in Hong Kong, shrouded in mystery. So hidden that they have no sign on their door, never advertise and only hint at their location. So mysterious, we can only tell you it's located on Graham Street in the Central District. Coerce your hotel concierge, bribe a taxi driver or poke around in Hong Kong's seedy underbelly until....ok fine, you can use google maps. Spoil sport. Once you've arrived, head down the alley, and search for the single lamp lit doorbell. Ring the doorbell, wait for someone to open the door and you're in. After that, it's up to you to enjoy a special experience. The ambience is club-like, with friendly and attentive staff, superior cocktails and wonderful food.

Business Information:

Today: 6:00pm-1:00am
This Week

Utrip Tips

* As with all speakeasy's worth their cocktail shakers, this one is a little hard to find. Use the address provided but keep going to the next alley. The area is a wet market by day. Look for a jet black door with a door bell in the center, thoughtfully illuminated by a single spotlight.

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