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Cost: $12.06 USD (16.00 CAD)

Celebrated Natural History Museum

The Royal BC Museum is a thrilling place to visit no matter what age. Its natural history collections are complemented by interesting human cultural exhibits and artifacts. Learn about ancient people who settled in the BC region and how they eked out a life there and eventually thrived. On your visit to the museum, you can expect to view extensive collections of fossils and exhibits related to all types of flora and fauna. The Royal BC Museum boasts an incredible reputation as a premier natural history museum in North America.

Utrip Tips

 *Check out the Netherlands Centennial Carillon across the street! It's a beaut—and it sounds wonderful, too. 

*And if you want to hang out in a nearby park, checkout Thunderbird Park. She's a beaut!

*Recommended by Local Expert David Roberts

Open in Google Maps: 675 Belleville Street

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